What is ALARB??
The Latin American Association of Arbitration (ALARB) is an institution founded in 2010 by a group of lawyers dedicated to the practice of international arbitration in Latin America. United by the belief that arbitration is one of the most appropriate means for resolving international disputes involving Latin American parties or interests, this group decided to create ALARB as a forum for the free exchange of ideas, networking and initiatives related to the evolution of international arbitration.
ALARB is a non-profit organization, subject to the laws of the Republic of Colombia and has its corporate headquarters in Bogotá¡ D.C. Its founding members and its first Board of Directors include specialists from nine countries.
The promotion of international arbitration in Latin America as a means for resolving disputes involving Latin American parties or interests.
The collaboration with arbitral, academic, and other institutions that are interested in promoting the use of arbitration in the region and increasing the understanding of arbitration practice in Latin America.
The establishment of a forum for the free exchange of ideas, networking and initiatives related to the evolution of international arbitration around the world.
The analysis and study, both in terms of theory and practice, of the challenges surrounding the conduct and effectiveness of international arbitration in the region.
The design and implementation of initiatives to improve and modernize the legal framework related to the operation of international arbitration in Latin America and to define the roles of the region’s judges, arbitrators, lawyers and jurists within that framework.
The establishment of open channels of communication between arbitral institutions and judges in the region, with the goal of promoting harmonious interactions between judicial activity and international arbitration.
The training of the regions arbitrators, lawyers and jurists in matters of international arbitration, with a particular focus on getting young professionals from Latin American countries involved in international arbitration.
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ALARB currently has 350 members. Though residing in different continents (America, Europe, Asia), they are all united by a common interest in Latin American international arbitration practice. ALARB is governed by a Board of Directors composed of professionals renowned in the field of international arbitration, who are from or reside in Latin America: Board of Directors. From among these members, five form the Executive Committee, responsible for the executive functions of the association.
ALARB currently has thirteen working committees, which are directed by individuals designated by the Board of Directors. These committees are designed to serve as a forum for the free exchange of ideas, academic debate and the carrying out of high-level projects that contribute to the strengthening, promotion, spreading and development of arbitration in Latin America. ALARB members may choose to participate in up to two committees.
Executive Committee
Claus von Wobeser Presidente
Alfredo Bullard Vicepresidente
José Ricardo Feris Vicepresidente
Selma M. Ferreira Lemes Vicepresidenta
Katherine González Vicepresidenta
María Inés Corrá Secretaria
Victor M. Ruiz Secretario Adjunto
Laura Sinisterra Tesorera Adjunta
Juan Manuel Marchán Tesorero
Board of Directors
President Claus von Wobeser
Vocal Christian Albanesi
Vocal José Astigarraga
Vicepresident Alfredo Bullard
Secretaria María Inés Corrá
Vicepresident José Ricardo Feris
Vicepresident Selma María Ferreira Lemes
Vocal Eduardo Gonçalves
Vicepresident Katherine González Arrocha
Vocal Francisco González de Cossío
Vocal Andrés Jana
Vocal Fernando Mantilla Serrano
Assistant Secretary Víctor M. Ruiz
Vocal Eduardo Silva Romero
Vocal María del Carmen Tovar Gil
Ex Member - Office Guido Tawil
Ex Member - Office Eduardo Zuleta
Membership to ALArb is open to all professionals who are interested in the practice of arbitration in Latin America and who request admission, promptly pay the fees as established by the association (currently fixed at USD 100 per calendar year) and have not engaged in any moral or ethical misconduct that, in the opinion of the Board, justifies their exclusion.
If you are interested in becoming a member of ALARB, email info@alarb.org for more information.
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